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The Premier Mission

Our mission is to provide premier quality software and service. Our objectives are to:

Premier's History

Premier Software Associates, Inc. (PREMIER), was founded in March of 1994. The original five partners left key development positions at GTE Health Systems. During the initial year of business, PREMIER began to develop its product offerings while simultaneously providing contract programming services. The initial product, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), quickly captured a predominant position in the market throughout the western United States. Every MedSeries4 hospital in the state of Oregon had implemented the package within a few weeks of its release. To date, PREMIER has an impressive client list with current sites from Maine to California and from Alaska to Florida. PREMIER has found a niche in Electronic Data Interface (EDI). PREMIER successfully developed an ANSI translator and is currently applied to ANSI 835, 837, 810, 832 formats with IBM's iSeries.

Premier Software Associates has consulted with Siemems Medical Systems on many projects. From their inception PREMIER has provided contract services to SMS customers. In 1995, PREMIER started providing contract services in development and training support to SMS in Salt Lake City. Since 1995 PREMIER has assisted with the development of the AR/ADT Census Release (96.10), the Sutter Release (97.99), and was heavily involved with the Y2K Release (98.10) development process.

As a result of the professional reputation PREMIER has developed, PREMIER has been invited to consult with companies nationwide and develop products for various industries. Specifically, PREMIER directed the development and implementation of several leading health care products, including highly successful Electronic Remittance and Billing solutions. In addition, they have directed the development and implementation of a Bus Promotions software system and a tip compliance package for the Gaming/Casino industry.

1999 was a successful year for Premier Software Associates, with a year-long focus on supporting clients in their preparation for Y2K. PREMIER's client satisfaction results for 1999 achieved an industry high being unsurpassed by other companies providing Y2K services to MS4 clients.

Premier's Experience

The PREMIER management team brings 70 plus years of combined experience in developing and implementing comprehensive iSeries software packages in the Health Care and Casino industries. Prior to the formation of PREMIER, members of our management team were specifically responsible for directing the development of GTE Health System's UB92 billing software. Additionally, members of the PREMIER management team were primary players in the development of GTE's Electronic Billing Submission, Accounts Receivable, Collections, ADT, Materials Management, Accounts Payable, using RPG and CL programming. PREMIER's personnel have varied experience in system development, installation, training and support in Health Care and in other industries such as: Insurance, Retail Sales and Management, Transportation, Sporting Goods, Mortgages, Title work, Cost Accounting and Data Collection. The PREMIER, in the trenches approach to problem solving and direct customer involvement style, helps their management team maintain a thorough understanding of the changing needs within the industries they serve.

Premier's Style

PREMIER is a roll our sleeves up, no frills, get it done and done on time company.

Premier's Advantage

If your data is on IBM's iSeries or needs to be electronically ported to and from the iSeries, PREMIER can do it. PREMIER offers the expertise in consulting, system development, system engineering, custom programming, file maintenance, implementation, training, problem resolution, and connectivity to get it done. Furthermore, our philosophy is to develop software systems and solutions that do business the way you are already doing business. We're not here to tell you how you must conform to someone else's idea of doing business, just because you own a computer. You're successful largely because of the way you do business. Unless we can show you a better way, why would you change? We expect you to be the experts at what you do, and we're here to keep it that way.

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