Cash Receipts

Premier Software Associates' Cash Receipt System was created to help hospitals move away from expensive Receipt Books. It provides hospitals with the ability to input cash payments for patient accounts, and for non-patient items and services. The system can support various types of payment including active accounts receivable, bad debt, and miscellaneous cash. The easy-to-use system will print a receipt that can be handed to the person paying and can include the hospital/company logo.

When a payment is made, the detail information is recorded in a log file that stores the receipt numbers, payments, payers and type of payments. This beneficial information can be used to reprint items or conduct an audit of any kind. In addition a note is written in the Account note file. Payments are posted to the accounts and assigned General Ledger accounts through the standard MedSeries4 day end batch posting process.

The Cash Receipt System includes an on-line look-up that will enable a user to look up payments and receipts from their workstation. Reports can also be generated to list all payments made by user id and date. The reports break down the types of payment and payment amounts by the form of payment (I.e. cash, check or credit card) and can be used for daily balancing and auditing purposes.