Financial Class Tracking | Financial History | DM Changes | Policy Changes

Have you every wondered who went in and changed the financial Class on an account? Who changed the Guarantor? What day was it changed? Who changed it? Why? Well here is the software to answer all those questions.

Premier Software’s “Financial Class Tracking” allows users to view all changes to an account’s insurance carriers and financial class from the time an account is pre-admitted into the system. Not only does it track all data mailer track changes, it will record and keep a history every time a guarantor is changed. It also records every time an insurance audit takes place, when it is verified and closed.

Financial Class Tracking is a very simple product that operates behind the scenes, but contains valuable information for your staff.

All accounts may be searched by Patient name or by account number.

This product can be purchased on a simple monthly service agreement. Call us for a free 20 minute demo or let us install it on your system and use it for a month with no commitment. It starts keeping track from day one.