Premier Medical Necessity

We have teamed up with Siemens for years as their Allied Partner.  We are continuing this partnership with Cerner for this Product and continue to be a preferred vendor. We maintain the policies monthly for you and offer full one on one support of this product. As with any of our products with a simple phone call we can set up a demo and show your staff how easy it is to use Premiers Medical Necessity Software

This (PMN/ABN) product provides user notification that payment on a claim, or a portion of a claim, may be denied because procedures reported on the account do not pass Local Medical Review Policy (LMRP) edits. PMN/ABN is an iSeries software application that interfaces with existing Patient Accounting and Billing systems to carry out these edits and provide user notification of edit results. Timely notification allows you to take corrective steps or to produce an Advance Beneficiary Notification (ABN) before services are provided.



Key Points to remember as ICD10 approaches.

  1. Medical Necessity Version 8.5 is MANDATORY for ICD10 compliance.
  2. If your facility is on MS4 34.10 or later 8.6 of Medical Necessity is required for ICD10 Compliance.
  3. Version 8.7 has been released to fix the ICD10 search screen.  This handles the instances where upper and lower case characters are used.
  4. Version 8.8 enhances the ICD10 description field.  It allows more meaningful descriptions by allowing more characters to be used.

To determine the version that is currently running on your system do the following:

  1. From the Medical Necessity Main Menu, select 1. Maintenance Menu
  2. From the Maintenance Menu, select 13. Display Release Level
  3. This will pop up a window that displays the current version, the date it was installed and the sign-on of the person that did the update.


Are you using version 8.8? If not, upgrade to version 8.8 here (Also contains upgrade information for versions 8.2 through 8.8)