Premier Clearing House–EDI Solutions 837 I & P ; 835

Premier’s Clearing House and Claims Management is the only Clearing House solution, integrated (not interfaced), with MedSeries4® on the Market today. Together with Premiers vast knowledge of MedSeries4® ,Our goal is to help you send each claim out the door as clean as possible to ensure a quick positive response from Payers. Running the clearinghouse on the ISeries machine allows us access to the entire MedSeries platform. Enabling us to write almost any type of custom edit. This is a powerful advantage over sending claims to a third party. Once the claim has been submitted, our Claims Management system provides ways to track the claim with continual status updates received from your payers. Our Remittance product imports each remit and updates Claim Management with the final result. Any issues? Simply look at the Claims Management work list! This and many more tools have been developed to help you get paid and not have to jump through hoops/systems to do so. Let the power of the system you already have, work for YOU!!